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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:15 am 

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I came to the understanding that I needed to implement such things myself, yet my reasons didn't have very much to do with the pipeline. Reasons: control, extendability, targeting, features, understanding and so on. Stay away from third-party "feature-kits," especially if they're released without a good license. Anything third-party you use shouldn't fundamentally contribute to the internals of your project unless it's specialized for a specific feature that is hard/wasteful to do yourself. For example, it's an excellent idea to wrap good file-format libraries such as libpng, libjpeg, ogg vorbis and so on... by yourself. If you use a third-party library that wraps these format-specific libraries into an all-in-one kit, that's when 3rd-party involvement can really interfere with your needs. I suppose the glm library you're using is good because it appears to have a nice license and it seems fairly dedicated to a self-limited purpose.

Discuss further, if you want.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:57 am 
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I agree that it is a bad idea to rely too much on 3rd-party code, *especially* when it is not properly licensed. Many people also do not understand licensing adequately, and blindly assign GPL/Copyleft licensing to their code (or worse, use the Copylefted code of others within their codebase) thinking that it is "free as in speech," when it clearly is not (though some will scream otherwise until they become blue in the fingertips).

Some things, though, it does make sense to use a library someone else wrote. I just tend to stick to solutions licensed under X11/BSD/MIT and the like (i.e. non-Copyleft FOSS). Apart from that, personal preference is king over maintainability vs. features and all that good junk.

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